Soldering Mask

Ceasolder is a high temperature resistant rubber latex. It is used to temporarily mask metal surfaces from molten solder during a wave soldering process. It can be applied directly from the applicator bottle and/or dispensing through pneumatic dispenser.


Generally composed of mineral oils and fatty acid compounds that break down and may deposit on the PC board assemblies. Super Deox will not break down and has been specifically formulated to convert the oxides of solder (known as dross) into good solder.

Hand Soldering Aids

Provides better cleaning and re-tinning of highly oxidized soldering iron tips than wet sponge or rosin-cored wire.Very effective for cleaning and retinning soldering iron tips.

Flux Remover Cleaners

Formulated to convert rosin into a water soluble soap product. The unique anti-foaming agent contained in the concentrate, minimizes foaming and reduces any dragout losses. This cleaner will not attack most plastics, anodized surfaces; and will not remove ink markings on components.

Machine Cleaners

Organic solvents formulated for removing the rosin residues from the fingers of conveyorized wave soldering systems and preventing rosin flux from gumming up around the fingers. Designed to remove scales or mineral deposits in Aqueous washing systems.